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Rahul C. Basole, Professor, Director, Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Tennenbaum Institute, College of Computing, School of Interactive Computing, PhD, Visualization, Analytics, Ecosystem
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About This Project

The term “ecosystem” is used pervasively in industry, government, and academia to describe the complex, dynamic, hyperconnected nature of many social, economic, and technical systems that exist today. Ecosystems are characterized by a large, dynamic, and heterogenous set of geospatially distributed entities that are interconnected through various types of relationships. This project involves the design and development of ecoxight, a web-based visualization tool that provides multiple coordinated views of multi-partite, multi-attribute, dynamic, and geospatial ecosystem data with novel and rich interaction capabilities, to augment decision makers ecosystem intelligence.


Related Publications

ecoxight: Discovery, Exploration and Analysis of  Business Ecosystems using Interactive Visualization

RC Basole, A Srinivasan, H Park, and S Patel
ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems 9 (2), 6-26


Visual business ecosystem intelligence: Lessons from the field.

RC Basole
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 34 (5), 26-34


Understanding interfirm relationships in business ecosystems with interactive visualization

RC Basole, T Clear, M Hu, H Mehrotra, J Stasko
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 19 (12), 2526-2535


Visualization to understand ecosystems.

B Iyer, RC Basole
Communications of the ACM 59 (11), 27-30


Revealing the API ecosystem and enterprise strategy via visual analytics.

P Evans, RC Basole
Communications of the ACM 59 (2), 26-28


August 15, 2016

Analytics, Ecosystem, Innovation, Visualization