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Rahul C. Basole, Professor, Director, Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Tennenbaum Institute, College of Computing, School of Interactive Computing, PhD, Visualization, Analytics, Ecosystem
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About This Project

We propose a visual analytic system to augment and enhance decision-making processes of supply chain managers. Several design requirements drive the development of our integrated architecture. First, a visual analytic system must integrate various relevant views and perspectives that highlight different structural aspects of a supply network. Second, the system must deliver required information on-demand and update the visual representation via user-initiated interactions. Third, the system must provide both descriptive and predictive analytics functions for managers to gain contingency intelligence. Based on these capabilities we have implemented an interactive web-based visual analytic system. Our system enables managers to interactively apply visual encodings based on different node and edge attributes to facilitate mental map matching between abstract attributes and visual elements. We demonstrate our system with data of supply networks ranging from 50-1,000 companies.


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Visual Analytics for Supply Network Management: System Design and Evaluation
H Park, MA Bellamy, RC Basole
Decision Support Systems (Forthcoming)


August 01, 2016

Analytics, Supply Chain, Visualization