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Rahul C. Basole, Professor, Director, Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Tennenbaum Institute, College of Computing, School of Interactive Computing, PhD, Visualization, Analytics, Ecosystem
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Sports Data Visualization

About This Project

For every major sport, analysts can and often do extract large amounts of data, which can be leveraged by media and fans, athletes, and organizations. These efforts are often done in collaboration with leading technology vendors, who also have recognized the tremendous value of sports analytics. The ubiquity, diversity, and relative accessibility of sports data makes it a particularly attractive domain for a range of visualization researchers. Motivated by the significant growth and popularity as well as overall potential of sports data visualization, Dietmar Saupe and I edited a special issue that gathers state-of-the-art research on this emerging topic.

Related Publications

Sports Data Visualization.

RC Basole and D Saupe
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 36 (4), 22-24


September 14, 2016

Analytics, Visualization