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Rahul C. Basole, Professor, Director, Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Tennenbaum Institute, College of Computing, School of Interactive Computing, PhD, Visualization, Analytics, Ecosystem
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About This Project

Getting the overall picture of how a large number of ego-networks evolve is a common yet challenging task. Existing techniques often require analysts to inspect the evolution patterns of ego-networks one after another. In this project, we explore an approach that allows analysts to interactively create spatial layouts in which each dot is a dynamic ego-network. These spatial layouts provide overviews of the evolution patterns of ego-networks, thereby revealing different global patterns such as trends, clusters and outliers in evolution patterns. To let analysts interactively construct interpretable spatial layouts, we propose a data transformation pipeline, with which analysts can adjust the spatial layouts and convert dynamic ego-networks into event sequences to aid interpretations of the spatial positions. Based on this transformation pipeline, we develop Segue, a visual analysis system that supports thorough exploration of the evolution patterns of ego-networks. Usage scenarios using the Enron dataset and a co-investment dataset demonstrate how analysts can gain insights into the overall evolution patterns of a large collection of ego-networks by interactively creating different spatial layouts.

Related Publications

Segue: Overviewing Evolution Patterns of Egocentric Networks by Interactive Construction of Spatial Layouts
PM Law, Y Wu, and RC Basole
IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (IEEE VAST 2018)


September 03, 2018

Analytics, Ecosystem, Research, Visualization