Call for Papers (pdf)  

Paper Submission  
Selected papers may be invited for a special issue on Visualization in Business to the 
Journal of Enterprise Transformation

Important Dates  

New Deadline for Submission

August 31
Notification for Acceptance September 18
Camera-ready Papers Due September 30
business|vis|15 workshop October 25


Workshop Organizers

Rahul C. Basole
Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)
Steven Drucker
Microsoft Research (USA)
Jörn Kohlhammer 
Fraunhofer IGD (Germany)
Jarke J. van Wijk
Eindhoven Univ. of Technology (Netherlands)


Program Committee  
Brandon Barnett, Intel Corporation
Elliot Bendoly, Ohio State University
Raul Chao, Darden School of Business
Mary Czerwinski, Microsoft Research
Cody Dunne, IBM Research
Jason Dykes, City University London
Martin J. Eppler, University St. Gallen
Miguel Encarnacao, ACT
Peter Evans, Center for Global Enterprise
Danyel Fisher, Microsoft Research
Pankaj Ghemawat, IESE/NYU Stern
Cesar Hidalgo, MIT
Jukka Huhtamaki, Tampere Univ. of Technology
Jessica Hullman, University of Washington
Daniel Keim, University of Konstanz
Robert Kosara, Tableau Software
Helmut Krcmar, TU Munich
Erik-Jan van der Linden, MagnaView
Juergen Pfeffer, Carnegie Mellon University
Sam Ransbotham, Boston College
Bernice Rogowitz, Visual Perspectives
Paul Rosenthal, TU Chemnitz
Martha Russell, mediaX, Stanford University
John Stasko, Georgia Tech
Frank van Ham, IBM
Romain Vuillemot, Harvard University
Krist Wongsuphasawat, Twitter


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2:00 Welcome
2:05 Keynote

Stakeholders and Implementers: Exploring Enterprise Visualization Ecosystems
Dr. Alan Keahey (IBM)

2:50 Exploratory and Decision Support Tools

Multi-Dimensional Comparative Visualization for Patent Landscaping
Kent Wittenburg, Georgiy Pekhteryev

Sequencing the Enterprise Genome: Interactive Visual Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Alliance Activities of Global Enterprises
Rahul C. Basole, Arjun Srinivasan, Timothy Major

3:40 Break
4:15 Case Studies in Different Business Functions and Industry Domains

Integrated Interactive Visual Analytics Framework for Supply Network Management
Hyunwoo Park, Marcus Bellamy, Rahul C. Basole

Incorporating Tabletop Visual Analytics into the Decision-making Process: A Case Study of Retail Banking
Erdem Kaya, Mert Toka, Atilla Bayrak, Burcin Bozkaya, Selim Balcisoy

Time is of the Essence: Value Stream Mapping a National Health Service (NHS) Emergency Department in the South West of England
Sian Joel-Edgar

RTP-Vis: Visualizing Ecosystem of Companies and Founders in Research Triangle Area
Sidharth Thakur, Charles Schmitt, Maryann Feldman, Nichola Lowe

5:35 Open Discussion
5:50 Wrap-Up