Enterprises across all industries are inundated by an accelerating tsunami of business data. Converting these data and insights into better business outcomes is a pressing and strategic challenge for many managers, decision makers, and executives. While there is a growing interest in business analytics, advanced information visualization and visual analytic tools have lagged behind. This is in part explained by the plethora and complexity of design and implementation challenges presented by diverse business users, data, and contexts. This workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in in presenting, exploring, and understanding complex business issues through visualization and visual analytics.

We will welcome submissions on a variety of topics, including:

  • Real-world experiences with designing, building, deploying and evaluating new information visualization and visual analytic systems
  • Case studies describing success (and failure) of applying visualization to business contexts
  • Domain-specific enterprise applications of visualization and visual analytics (i.e. healthcare, manufacturing, energy, media, transportation, finance, etc.)
  • Review and evaluative papers discussing or comparing current tools and toolchains; integration with other enterprise support tools (i.e. modeling, simulation, etc.)